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VMAX GO TV,One year service
VMAX GO TV,One year service
Product id:
Product introduction:
Vmax go TV watches more than 4000 TV programs, Arab TV, European TV, American TV and other popular TV programs
Commodity price:

1. Product details

  • Stable iPTV subscription; 

  • Support 4K, HD, FHD;     

  • World chs timing update (5500+live channels and 10,000+movies); 

  • Support M3U format;   

  • 24 / 48 hours free testing;

  • Suitable all kinds of devices - like Android tv box, m*g box, Android smart tv/phone, iPTV Smarter, VLC, GSE, Vmax Tv Go for apple devices;

  • Reseller panel will be offered.  Professional toturial will be offered too. 


2. Main Channels (Country)


        Noted, channels number will be changed from time to time, for final number please refer to the test code or the service you are having.

3. How to watch it:      Easy!!!           


           A. For iPTV apk: We will give you the APK download link by email or other way.


                      Download iPTV apk --- install the apk in the android device --- find the M A C id --- tell us the number like 00:1A:79:*** --- activated


           B. For M a g Box: 


                       Please find the M A C id --- tell us the number like 00:1A:79:*** --- activated


           C. For iPTV SMARTER:


                      Download --- install --- fill in with username / password / URL is fine.


           DFor GSE / VLC:


                      Download --- install --- Put the M3U code in the right place is fine. 


           E. For Vmax Tv Go(Purple one):


                      Download --- install --- Fill in with the username and password is fine.



           *  Contact me if you have any question on it whenever you want.  

           *  48hrs test code can be provided any time.                                     

           *  Subscription will be sent as soon as payment done.                    


4. About the credits  

           Credit is a symbol of the service duration. 

           1 credit = 1 month

           12 credit = 12 months = 1 year


Attention please:

Even though this IPTV is the best and we have servers in USA and Europen,a little channels may get trouble at sometimes,until now,there wasn't anyone feedback that it met problems. But we can't ensure it won't be trouble all the time. So when you need help, just send message to me,i will ask the technician fix it right away,please be patient.Thank you .



Q1. What is IPTV ? 

Internet Protocol Television(IPTV) is a system through which TV services are delivered using the internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network, such as a L a n or the internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial. satellite sianal.and cable television formats.

Q2. What is IPTV Reseller Panel ?

The panel is for the reseller to control service they buy for retails, with which one can create / check / control free trials or pay service. Each line on this panel will cost you less money than normal sub scription.

Q3. How to be a reseller?

You need get a panel with 120 credits order or more.


Q4. Do you offer 1 / 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 24 months code?



Q5. Why some channels not working?

It's normal situation for IPTV, Please notice us the channels that not working, we will try the best to fix it as soon as possible


 Q6. What's the Credit?

Credit is a symbol of the service duration. 1 credit=1 month


Q7. Do you offer customized iPTV?


Q8. Which payment options we offer

Paypal Money Gram and Wester Union,T/T wire

 Third party APK software

HLQ (1)

4G Lte (6)

A5X MAX+ (3)









X88 MINI (1)

YSE (2)

A5X PLUS (7)










HLQ (1)

4G Lte (6)

A5X MAX+ (3)









X88 MINI (1)

YSE (2)

A5X PLUS (7)